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Award winning Nevada Attorney Dorothy Bunce, of Liensettlement.com became licensed to practice in Nevada Bankruptcy Court in 1979. Most creditors know Dorothy well for her bankruptcy representation. Most debt settlement companies have little or no bankruptcy experience to use as leverage to settle debts and cannot settle liens or court judgments.

But Dorothy does not settle debts by making threats or by pressuring you into filing bankruptcy. People assume lawyers are aggressive and hostile towards each other. But when lawyers work together for many years, they socialize, refer cases back and forth, they develop ways to let both sides feel that they have "won a victory" through settling cases. Trusting each other is a crucial part of making deal.

Dorothy understands how debts can crush people's spirits. Her parents had money problems and by the time she was 8 years old, she was lying to bill collectors to protect her parents. She has never forgotten how ashamed she was by this experience. Dorothy understands how fragile life can be & that anyone can face economics times. These experiences give her the unique ability to understand all kind of financial hardships, including yours.

Dorothy finds helping people through bankruptcy and debt settlement as a way to repair problems she experienced as child and solve these very real problems for people today.

Dorothy continues to enjoy the love of her four wild and crazy Papillon dogs she loves to spoil.

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